Turmeric Met Matcha Exfoliant Bar
Turmeric Met Matcha Exfoliant Bar
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Turmeric Met Matcha Exfoliant Bar

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The Curly Goddess Turmeric Met Matcha Bar provides exfoliation. Exfoliation works by removing the top layer of dead skin cells so new healthy cells can form. This process provides the following benefits:

✅ Unclogged Pores

✅Acne Prevention

✅Lightening Brown Spots 

✅Evens Skin Tone

✅ Increases Cell Turnover

✅Stimulates Collagen Production

At Curly Goddess, we strive to use quality natural ingredients. Our Turmeric Met Matcha Exfoliant Bar is packed with a host of beneficial ingredients such as mango butter, cocoa butter, turmeric, vitamin E, tea tree oil, vitamin C, matcha powder & sea salt. 


Mango Butter is derived from the seed of mangos and is non-comedogenic (won't clog pores). Mango butter has anti-inflammatory properties and helps smooth dry irritated skin. Mango butter also helps even skin tone, provides protection against UV rays, and can smooth fine lines and the appearance of scars. 

Cocoa Butter is derived directly from the cocoa bean and is composed of fatty acids that help hydrate your skin. Cocoa butter is packed with phytochemicals that help can slow aging and improve circulation. This all-natural butter is also great for reducing scars and lines on the skin. 

Tea Tree Oil has many skin benefits as it is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. Using tea tree topically relieves dryness, combats oily skin, prevents acne, decreases inflammation, and can aid in wound healing.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that combats free-radical damage and prematurely ages the skin. One of the most important traits of Vitamin E is the ability to be a hydrating molecule. The vitamin is both a humectant (absorbs water into the skin from the air) and an emollient (traps the water once in the skin).

Vitamin C is an all-natural antioxidant that has many anti-aging benefits. Vitamin C helps your skin produce collagen to keep your skin young and glowing. Vitamin C also helps brighten and even your skin tone.

Turmeric is filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that may aid in bringing out your skin’s natural glow. One common use of turmeric is acne reduction and minimizing acne scars. The anti-inflammatory components within Turmeric can decrease inflammation due to wounds from pimples popping and skin scabs.

Matcha is a known superfood but its benefits extend beyond a cup of tea. Matcha is a powerful skin antioxidant that helps fight against free radicals. When applied to the skin matcha helps decrease inflammation, evens complexion improves circulation, and fights bacteria.

Sea Salt is rich in minerals that exfoliate and remove toxins and bacteria from the skin. Exfoliating with sea salt promotes relaxation and improves circulation to provide your skin with a healthy glow.

Directions: For total body exfoliation, wet the bar into a lather and rub gently over the entire body to receive an all-over natural exfoliation. Rinse and then apply your favorite moisturizer. It is not recommended to exfoliate more than three times per week.

At The Curly Goddess, being all-natural and eco-friendly is our thing. We strive to use all-natural ingredients and preservatives and environmentally friendly products. Our Turmeric Met Matcha Exfoliant Bar uses natural preservatives such as sorbitol, propylene glycol, sodium laureth sulfate, stearic acid, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, myristic acid, Laurie acid, and titanium dioxide.